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  • The First Litigation Finance Italian Fund

    We provide funds, expertise and negotiating power to support large and complex legal disputes.

    We bear the costs of litigation and the risk of failure in exchange for the right to receive part of the proceeds.

    We offer solutions to monetize in advance and without risk the expected outcome of a legal action.

    Who we are

BE CAUSE, the first mover on the Italian market

We are the first and only Alternative Investment Fund to operate in Italy in the Litigation Finance industry.

We are authorized by the Italian Authorities to invest in Legal Assets.

Our goal is opening up the Italian market to a recent and fast-growing industry such as the Litigation Finance.

We manage capital from sophisticated institutional investors on a medium-term basis.

We aim to invest € 50 million (more than half already raised and in the investment phase) over the two-year period 2023/2024.

We finance litigations on a non-recourse basis (non-recourse investment) or we acquire claims and legal assets (monetization) in Italy and abroad.

What is the Litigation Finance

Litigation Finance is a tool to enhance litigation rights and Legal Assets.

Litigation Finance and legal assets helps individuals, companies and law firms to manage the costs, risks and time-consuming nature of litigations and/or to monetize illiquid legal actions and other Legal Assets.

Litigation Finance:

  • facilitates access to justice for those who are unable or unwilling to deploy financial resources in complex and uncertain legal actions
  • levels out the balance of power between counterparties in litigation and settlement negotiations
  • allows to engage the best professionals on the market (lawyers, technical consultants, advisors, arbitrators, etc.)
  • increases the chances of meritorious litigations

Who we address

Law Firms and Professionals

Law firms, professionals, commissioners, receivers, notaries


Individuals, Companies and Public Entities

Individuals, entrepreneurs, companies, private equity funds, corporations and public entities, third sector players


Class and Collective Actions

Stakeholders and plaintiffs of class and collective actions

"Litigation funding allows lawsuits to be decided on their merits, and not based on which party has deeper pockets or stronger appetite for protracted litigation"

Eileen Bransten
Justice for the New York County Supreme Court