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Which Legal Assets

We invest in Legal Assets by acting as a professional financial investor with the objective of composing an articulated and balanced portfolio.

Our investments are (i) active and, in some cases, passive litigations, in Italy and abroad, single or in packages, to be activated and/or already pending, and (ii) Legal Assets to be divested or enhanced.

Investments may relate to single cases (so-called single-claim) or to a package of multiple cases owned by the same party or originating from the same law firm in a cross-collateralized portfolio (so-called multi-claims or portfolio claims).


Litigation status

  • every stage and status of proceedings, and thus at the pre-litigation stage, during the first instance or at subsequent phase of the proceeding
  • precautionary proceedings
  • at the execution stage, following a final judgment (recovery)


  • ordinary jurisdiction
  • special jurisdictions
  • arbitration, ADR, mediation bodies

Areas of law and territory

  • every sector, with particular focus on civil-commercial, insolvency, antitrust, arbitration and class actions
  • in Italy and abroad

Size of potential claims and investments

  • we look for with high-stakes litigation claims requiring a substantial financial commitment
  • indicative size of the claim: starting from Euro 500k for single-claims and Euro 1 mln for multi-claims


Single and multi claims

  • single-claim: investment in a single litigation with a sole counterparty
  • multi-party claim: investment in a single litigation with multiple counterparts
  • multi-claims or portfolio claims: investment in a package of litigations owned by the same party or originating from the same law firm
  • class / collective actions: collective actions brought on behalf of individual rights holders
"Litigation Finance is a global phenomenon … and has the potential of reshaping everything about the legal system and about the way in which law firms and lawyers operate"

Professor David B. Wilkins
Faculty Director, Harvard Law School