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BE CAUSE is the first and only Alternative Investment Fund operating in Italy in the Litigation Finance industry.

Our business and organizational model – specialized boutique with multidisciplinary in-house expertise and a network of national and international alliances – is designed to take into account the peculiarity of the Italian legal market and environment.

The solutions proposed vary according to the profile of the claim holder and the market needs.


BE CAUSE provides financial resources, skills and negotiating strength as BE CAUSE is capable of:

  • face the lack of financial or economic resources needed to pursue litigation
  • avoiding the risk of the certain costs of litigation for an uncertain future return
  • allocating to the core business the resources obtained by savings on litigation costs or through the early monetization of the claim
  • having an immediate benefit on budget, profitability and results
  • sharing risks, costs and strategic choices with a litigation fund with economic strength, expertise and reputation on the litigation market
  • identifying the best litigation and settlement strategy
  • strengthening the negotiating power in dealings with the counterparty and its reputation vis-à-vis judges
"Litigation funding allows lawsuits to be decided on their merits, and not based on which party has deeper pockets or stronger appetite for protracted litigation"

Eileen Bransten
Justice for the New York County Supreme Court