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Individuals, Companies and Public Entities

BE CAUSE targets holders of a meritorious claim – whether individuals, companies, corporations, or public entities – by providing financial resources (also through monetization in advance of the possible outcome of the litigation), expertise and litigation risk management tools


For individuals having a litigation with solid merits, BE CAUSE is the solution in case the claim holder:

  • lacks the necessary resources to cultivate litigation
  • is unwilling to take the risk of facing the certain costs of litigation with an uncertainty for the possible outcome
  • is reluctant to wait for the time taken by Justice
  • is unfamiliar with litigation and lacks clarity as to whether and when taking legal action, litigation strategy or the convenience of a settlement agreement
  • is not in the position to have access to (or is unfamiliar with) the best professionals
  • mistrusts the courts and is eager to increase the chances of success by sharing the risk with a professional and experienced player in the legal industry who handles complex litigation on a recurring basis


For companies, corporations private equity funds, and their CEOs, CFOs and General Counsel, BE CAUSE is an opportunity to:

  • focus on their core business, without wasting economic resources, time and expertise on a non-core activity such as litigation, while increasing their chances of success, thanks to the support of a player operating on a recurring basis in the legal industry
  • move costs and risks off balance sheets and cash budgets, freeing up resources that would otherwise be used to pay legal fees and avoiding certain and ongoing costs, the (eventual) pay-off of which would only be accounted for only at the final outcome of litigation
  • increase profitability by reducing costs for legal expenses that negatively and certainly affect margins against possible, future, contingent and ‘non-recurring’ proceeds that do not generate benefits in terms of marginality
  • strengthening in view of extraordinary transactions, such as changes in ownership structure, M&A transactions, listings and winding-up


For public entities, governmental bodies and third sector institutions, BE CAUSE's intervention allows to:

  • have financial support for managing and enhancing the value of complex, costly, uncertain and long-lasting litigations without bearing the costs and risks associated thereto
  • refine the use of ‘public’ resources, devoting them to more urgent items of expenditure close to the community and to ‘social and institutional’ purposes
  • deal transparently with an authorized litigation fund operating under the supervision of the Italian market authorities (i.e. Bank of Italy and Consob)
  • comply with public finance constraints and ensure careful and efficient management of resources, without giving up the opportunity to increase returns from Legal Assets

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"Lawyers and the clients they serve will benefit from litigation funding: the significant demand for litigation finance by claimholders and lawyers proves the tremendous value of having a third-party funder bear some of the risks of litigation everything about the legal system and about the way in which law firms and lawyers operate"

The New York City Bar Association