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Law Firms and Professionals

BE CAUSE targets law firms and professionals recurrently operating in the legal market to establish longstanding relationships and build innovative litigation funding and management models.

In all cases where clients or insolvency proceedings have a meritorious case but are not willing to take on the risk of litigation, BE CAUSE is able provide the necessary resources and/or monetize in advance the outcome of the claim.



Through the use of the Litigation Finance solutions offered by BE CAUSE, law firms can:

  • provide their clients with litigation funding services
  • capture new business opportunities
  • have stable revenue lines from a credible and recurring client such as a litigation fund
  • launch class actions using a litigation fund as an aggregator and funder of collective interests
  • be innovative and competitive in the legal market in a phase of profound change
  • have access to additional services and expertise, such as the BE CAUSE network and statistical studies related to the legal industry
  • increase their chances of successful litigation


Through the use of Litigation Finance solutions offered by BE CAUSE insolvency proceedings can:

  • eliminate litigation costs and risks
  • face liquidity and resource shortages
  • free up resources in favor of creditors
  • proceed with distributions and early closure of the proceedings
  • manage the risk of losing the case and facing the long duration of litigation
  • have an independent third-party valuation of its litigation rights, necessary to enhance the value of legal assets in recovery and reorganization plans
  • strike an effective balance between safeguarding creditors’ assets and pursue legal actions otherwise not cultivated
  • focus on core activities, such as the restructuring of the company, the sale of assets other than the Legal Assets and the subsequent closure of the proceedings

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"Lawyers and the clients they serve will benefit from litigation funding: the significant demand for litigation finance by claimholders and lawyers proves the tremendous value of having a third-party funder bear some of the risks of litigation everything about the legal system and about the way in which law firms and lawyers operate"

The New York City Bar Association