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The project BE CAUSE

Bringing and establishing Litigation Finance in Italy, adapting it to the specific needs of the Italian market.

Our goal is to invest € 50 million over the two-year period 2023/2024 (more than half already raised and in the investment phase) in the litigation finance industry, funding on a non-recourse basis (non-recourse investment) or acquiring (monetization) claims and legal assets in Italy and abroad.

Through BE CAUSE, the first and only Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) dedicated to the litigation industry, we manage capital from sophisticated institutional investors in a medium-term perspective with the aim of opening the Italian market to a recent and very fast-growing sector such as Litigation Finance.

As a guarantee of the reliability of the project and given the reserved nature of the business of investing in Legal Assets in Italy, BE CAUSE has applied for and obtained authorization from the Italian market authorities (i.e. Bank of Italy and Consob) to operate as an Undertaking for Collective Investment (UCI).

Million of Euro to be invested within 2024

Million of Euro gathered with the Fund BE CAUSE A

Italian Litigation Fund authorized and regulated by the financial markets authorities

Professional Investors of the Fund BE CAUSE A

claims reviewed in first 6 months of activity

BE CAUSE is the first mover

of a potentially huge domestic market, given the size and inefficiencies of litigation in Italy, but ‘closed’ and ‘difficult to understand’ for non-specialists.

BE CAUSE is a boutique

with a management team endowed with notable in-house expertise and an extensive and quality alliance network. We act as an independent entity, flexible in cost and ability to respond to the needs of the litigation industry and its stakeholders.

"Litigation finance is likely the most important development in civil justice of our time"

Maya Steinitz
Professor of Law, Arbitrator, Speaker & Consultant