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Our activity

We provide economic resources, expertise, and negotiating strength to support complex legal disputes, bearing the costs of litigation and the risk of failure in exchange for the right to receive a portion of the proceeds in case of successful outcome of the litigation.

We offer solutions for monetizing in advance the expected outcome of a legal action to those who do not want to face the risks of litigation and wait for the time of Justice.


We operate by investing and contributing:

financial resources
technical knowledge and skills
risk management and diversification tools
willingness to handle delays and long lead times

We intervene with multiple investment structures:

We invest in a single case or in different cases included in a portfolio:

A hands-on and collaborative approach

The business and organizational model of BE CAUSE – a boutique with a network of strategic alliances – is structured to provide the holders of the Legal Assets with financial resources, negotiating power, intelligence and legal expertise.

Thanks to the know-how developed in-house by the management team and partnerships with the best professionals on the market, we are able to have an effective and ‘hands on’ control over the strategy and evolution of the litigation, enhancing its chances of success, both at the stage of investment decision and during its management.

In order to align interests, at the time of the investment we assess and agree in advance in the investment contract with the claim holder on the litigation strategy, the lawyers and other advisors to be engaged, and any other aspect relevant to the successful outcome of the litigation.

Portfolio logic

We act as a professional financial investor with the objective of composing a structured and balanced portfolio of Legal Assets.


"Litigation finance is likely the most important development in civil justice of our time"

Maya Steinitz
Professor of Law, Arbitrator, Speaker & Consultant